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Pro Series Lean-To Sheds


Ted's Sheds™ Lean-to Pro-Series

Shed Prices

  Model          Price

L-T-P 6 x 8        $2,208
L-T-P 8 x 8        $2,698
L-T-P 8 x 10      $2,928
L-T-P 8 x 12      $3,308
L-T-P 10 x 10    $3,368
L-T-P 10 x 12    $3,798
L-T-P 10 x 14    $4,408
L-T-P 10 x 16    $4,738

FREE DELIVERY and set up in the

Metro Denver Area!

Ted's Sheds Pro-Series Lean-To Shed is great for sites against an existing structure or for a more modern look. We can customize the height to fit under existing eaves. As with all Pro Series Sheds it comes standard with 2 x 6 Galvanized steel floor joist, 16" on center stud spacing, Galvanized steel door frame, and an aluminum threshold. 


Added features and customization is extra.

Certain site conditions may require an additional charge.

Pro Series Lean-To Shed Features:


Building Structure:


  • Full 2x4 construction, 16" stud spacing

  • LP T1-11 siding (50yr MFG warranty)

  • LP smartside trim (50yr MFG warranty)



  • 4' x 6' standard opening

  • Double hung doors (no more saggy doors!)

  • Galvanized steel door frame

  • Door placement on any side of shed

  • Commercial grade door handle with keys

  • Aluminum Threshold



  • 3/4" LP Tongue and Groove sob Flooring

  • 2x6 16 Guage Galvanized steel floor joists



  • 1.5/12 roof pitch

  • 7/16 LP osb  roof decking

  • 15 lb felt roof paper

  • 30 year Owens Corning Dimensional shingles.

  • Drip edge around perimeter of roof 

  • 4" eave on Low sidewall



*vents included on all models


Full 7 year warranty


Prices are subject to change without notice.



We accept: Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa, Discover

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